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Preview of my trip with Zalando to this year´s Bread & Butter!Gigi Hadid & ASAP Rocky were a part of it <3ILJAJAY.COMProduction by Constant EvolutionSong by Dar Dan / DOC

Posted by Way Of Jay on Dienstag, 6. September 2016

"Hey Ilja, we´ve got a surprise for you...would you like to attend this years Bread and Butter in Berlin together with A$AP Rocky and Gigi Hadid?" When Zalando came knocking and asked me if I was willing to join I didn´t hesitate to tell them that I was in.


As some of you might have heard, Zalando has revived the concept of Bread & Butter by funding the entire thing. While being known throughout the years as one of europe´s biggest fashion exhibitions, the fair giant has faced some serious financial issues over the past years, which almost led to it´ s extinction. The newly revisited exhibition took place from September 2nd - Sunday 4th and was located at Arena Berlin.

With the influence and help of Zalando, the concept of the entire exhibition changed, making it publicly available for everybody. Cool Concept, but did it actually pay of? Well one thing was undeniable, it was totally packed. By dropping bombs such as the appearance of Gigi Hadid, who collaborated with Tommy Hilfiger or the performance of fashion enigma A$AP Rocky they definitely achieved their goal of creating unreal hype.

Various Fashion Shows, lot´s of international Influencers and meeting both old and new friends - all these parts played together in making this experience magical. You can find a selection of my weekend below, be sure to look out for Gigi, A$AP and some internationally known Bloggers.

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