Sometimes You Take Two Steps Back in Order to Take Twenty steps Forward

It really did take some time but it´s finally here: my new Blog. You might have noticed that my last post was ages ago, January to be precise (in case you missed it check it out here). Furthermore I have been teasering the second coming of my Blog on my social channels to no end...well here it is!

Let me start by saying thank you to all of you, who have made this possible - the past year of Blogging has been one hell of a ride. It has been exactly one year since I started blogging and I would have never believed it to be so much fun and satisfying - especially not that fast.

So what happens next?

I have a lot, and I really mean a lot of content waiting for you, which I´m going to be sharing quite frequently with you from now on. I honestly have to tell you that I´m extremely motivated with how 2017 started and I fully intend to take my Blog to the next level as well. Meanwhile I´d suggest you take a look on my new Website and let me know what you think. To give you a short glimpse the new categories consist of:

  • Fashion
  • Lifestyle
  • Travel
  • Personal
  • Business

Along with these there are some other new features, so just go ahead and discover them for yourself!

Finally I would like to shout out my awesome Friend Martin from who has created this Website from scratch, you rock brother! In case you´re looking for the most awesome developer ever (no joke) be sure to drop him a line.

Go big or go home truly is the motto!


Ilja Jay Lawal

Entrepreneur & Blogger.

Fashion-Experte. Marketing-Professional. Blogger des Jahres. Unternehmer. Autor. Speaker. Hustler. Träumer. Macher. Als studierter Kommunikationsprofi und Querdenker, wie er im Buche steht ist Ilja seit Tag 1 in der Selbständigkeit. Als Gründer und Geschäftsführer des Wiener Rekord-Labels TrueYou stellte er die heimische Modebranche auf den Kopf.

Mit seinem Blog wayofjay eroberte er die Herzen der Blogger-Szene und wurde zum Lifestyle Blogger der Jahres 2017 gekürt. Die Gründung seiner preisgekrönten Werbeagentur FOLLOW sowie der Sport-Lifestyle Marken Fitness Festival & Österreichs 1. Fitness Café Fuel Up sind weitere Meilensteine seiner bisher jungen Karriere. Anfang des Jahres erweiterte er sein Portfolio um die Business- & Motivationsplattform: Dreamers Who Do.

Seiner Leidenschaft für Marketing & Sales sowie Mindset & Leadership geht er als Speaker, Coach und Autor nach und bringt den Menschen seinen „wayofjay“ sowie die wahre Bedeutung des Wortes „Hustle“ näher. Seine größte Leidenschaft bleibt jedoch: Das Unmögliche möglich zu machen.

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