So this is it - my last post in 2016. Launching my Blog, opening a Store with my brand TrueYou, founding the network agency FOLLOW...what a year. Let me start by saying thank you. Thank you for all the support that I am receiving, it really means a lot. If you think about it this Blog is not even one year old, so how did things work out for me? Am I happy with the progress so far? These questions sure sound reasonable and I gotta tell you that I truly am. I never would have believed to be as successful as I have been in my first year of blogging which has only been made possible due to all of my friends and supporters - you guys to be precise.


Now this goes out to each and every collaboration, project and journey I have embarked on since launching this Blog: You guys rock - this was only just the beginning.

Then there´s TrueYou. Some of you might not know this but my TrueYou team and I which I am very proud of btw, have recently opened our very own Shop located at Johannesgasse 17/3, 1010 Vienna.

After taking part in this year´s Vienna Fashion Week and having the honour of exhibiting in front of a sold out audience we decided that we were ready for the next chapter in our lives and I´ve gotta say we are blessed with all the positive feedback that we have been receiving so far.


On to the next one: FOLLOW. What is FOLLOW? Imagine an event without set limitations and guidelines. The only thing that matters is your commitment to network and your "Hello", "Nice to meet you" and "Lets collaborate". Welcome to your Playground to Network. And even though our agency is very young, considering the fact that we started the project in summer, we have already worked with some big brands and are very excited for 2017.


And last not least my Master studies. As some of you might know, I graduated last year. A Bachelor´s Degree in Communication & Management to be precise. And since I love constant progress I decided that on top of everything else going on in my life, there was room for starting my Masters in Management in August at Vienna´s most renowned university for everything regarding economics. And while I have put the first semester on hold, as these past 3 months have been impossibly busy, I will be back at it first thing next year.


This post turned out way longer than what I usually do but hence the eventful year, I hope you´ll bear with me. See you all in 2017, it´s going to be a blast for sure!


TrueYou Shinigami Jacket // TrueYou Speedruel Pants  // Adidas Yeezy Boost 750 Sneakers // Carrera Sunglasses

Photos by Samir Novotny / Constant Evolution

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