The Hype is real - what does that even mean? People who follow H&M and their annual collaborations with huge fashion brands such as Alexander Wang, Balmain and Versace (just to name a few), know that this highly anticipated release is massively hyped up. When looking at this year´s KENZOxHM collaboration one may ask himself: how much counts as overkill?


When looking at the whole collection, as can be done by checking out Highsnobiety´s detailed view on the collection´s lookbook one immediately notices the extent of colours. While it´s true that some pieces may seem way over board and extremely far fetched it´s also that particular thing that I love about fashion - the freedom of wearing whatever the f*** you like.


You can wear whatever you want because fashion is timeless. Keeping in mind that you will most definitely be the center of attention when showing up with these pieces, self confidence is the key.


The versatile range of the collection is quite impressive, lots of pieces can be worn in two or more ways, which emphasises that whole "jungle" vibe all the more.


The whole collection will be dropping November 3rd worldwide and will most likely be sold out the same exact day - so trust me and be fast.

Photos by Samir Novotny / Constant Evolution