London Collections Men Streetstyle

#LONDON Vibes! Captured during the @jw_anderson at @londoncollectionsmen by @constant.evolution | Read the story on ILJAJAY.COM Snapchat amazing_iljaYoutube:

Posted by Way Of Jay on Mittwoch, 29. Juni 2016

"The best fashion show is definitely on the streets. Always has been, and always will be." Bill Cunningham


Menswear fashion shows might seem a world apart from what we would wear on a daily basis but, diving into the magic of what London Collections Men has to offer is all too intriguing. So what can one visiting London during LCM expect?


Insanely well dressed individuals, a fast paced city and the feeling of feeling out of place - which is exactly what you want to strife for. When I visited London last weekend, I knew that the city would be in a total uproar. This was not only due to the LCM taking place but because the royal queen was celebrating her 90th birthday.


In-between shows, meetings and a lot of rain, we took these shots right after the J.W. Anderson show which was probably one of the most hyped up shows of this years SS17 LCM, featuring some big shots such as Asap Rocky, Tinie Tempah and Nick Wooster.

Featuring my brother Dennis & produced by my crew from Constant Evolution, lovely to see some home town representatives abroad!

Captured somewhere in the streets of London.