"We wanted to showcase that it´s possible to create high end content using nothing but a phone" 

DREAMERS | Make it possible with Huawei P9

HERE IT IS:"We wanted to showcase that it´s possible to produce high end content with a phone"My latest fashion film featuring the new Huawei P9, in friendly collaboration with Huawei Austria! My crew from Constant Evolution and I took on the challenge to produce an fashion film & a blog post with nothing but a smartphone - you can read the whole story here: www.iljajay.com/home/make-it-possible-with-huaweip9Huge thanks to my boys Lennart Eva and Mark Aloot for hooking us up with this awesome song called DREAMERS - always strife to make your dreams come true! WWW.ILJAJAY.COMSnapchat amazing_ilja Youtube: http://bit.ly/1WiDnpm

Posted by Way Of Jay on Donnerstag, 2. Juni 2016


The key to life is accepting challenges. Always and forever. We all dream and strife to make our dreams come true. When Huawei Austria approached me and asked me to take part in their influencer campaign for the new P9 Smartphone co-engineered with leica, they told me that I had all the creative liberty in the world.


This is precisely the reason why I love doing what I do. The idea was to give you guys a glimpse of how I see the world and all of it´ s variations through my eyes. And in order to so they hooked me up with a brand new P9 mobile phone. So lets talk some facts, shall we? The P9 comes with a #DualLens - RGB & Monochrome, both providing that #DualSense. The entire camera system has been co-engineered with Leica.


To those of you who are into photography this will mean a huge deal, to those of you who aren´t trust me when I say this: it´s damn good! Considering all of the above and the fact that my crew and I love taking up challenges it might come as no surprise that we wanted to create an entire blog post & fashion film using nothing but the P9 phone. As long as you have an open mind and the desire to pursue your dreams, everything is possible.

Both the pictures & the fashion film have been entirely shot with the P9 Smartphone.

Production by Constant Evolution

Music / / DREAMERS by Thelo feat Lennox