"The starting point of all achievement is desire." Napoleon Hill

What does it mean to be truly rich? Before you continue, I´m not talking about materialistic wealth. I´m talking about wealth in it´s purest form. Rich with ideas, rich with goals and rich with motivation.


A lot of people ask me what I actually do and what my goals are. And to be totally honest with you I can´t answer that question. Yet. And that´s a good thing. Because I´m doing lots of things at the same time, be it the process of taking my company "TrueYou" to the next level, making a name for myself within my fairly new blogger journey or working on entirely new projects like "Follow Vienna" all together.

Motivation & Style Reference

As a matter of fact I have the freedom to work on whatever I enjoy and as long as I have an idea and can afford the time I can pursue it. And that my dear friends is what it means to be truly rich in my opinion.

Photos by Constant Evolution