Raincoats: bold or daring fashion move?

Here´s a little something back from Berlin Fashion Week in January...you could call it Day 2´s outfit

Ilja Jay | Way Of Jay Berlin

Berlin Fashion Week 2017 - It truly was a blast. If you missed my earlier  post concerning my first day of #BFW17 be sure to check it out here.

On the second day I decided to add a little colour into the all so foggy Mood of Berlin, by rocking something what many would call over the top: a yellow raincoat. But I truly have tell you that it´s one of my favourite Key Pieces in my closet so far. In my opinion the key lies in the right amount of confidence. The willingness to stick to your taste even if that means standing out from the masses. A friendly piece of advice however: try to avoid too much colour blocking when rocking something as notable as a yellow raincoat - Keep it simple, yet compelling.



Apart from visiting two shows and enjoying the new location for this year´s Fashion Week "Kaufhaus Jandof" (which was a very fitting venue ) I spent my second day with a creative meeting with my friends over at the Zalando Headquarter. For those of you that happen to be in Berlin sometime, the HQ is located around the corner from where we took these quick street style shots.

Fashion Raincoat Ilja Jay | Way Of Jay Berlin

As you might have seen Zalando and me go way back, Bread and Butter last September truly was a blast. Incase you missed that one click here.

Be sure to stay tuned to what Zalando and I have coming for you, it´s going to be awesome, I can tell you that!

More Outfits from Berlin Fashion Week will be up on the Blog soon as well - be sure to keep checking in.

Pictures by my great friend Riccardo Ulpts


Raincoat - Rains via Zalando

T-Shirt - Diesel

Pants & Tights - TrueYou

Shoes - Adidas Yeezy Boost 750

Sunglasses - Givenchy

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