"Invent yourself and then reinvent yourself". This famous quote by Charles Bukowski holds a lot of meaning to me. I dare say that every human being undergoes constant evolution (pun intended). We keep on evolving and discovering new aspects about ourselves and the way we perceive life.


A lot has happened this year, and as you might have read last month I have visited Salzburg together with Jack & Jones (which you can read about here). And although my schedule was quite busy I had some time to enjoy everything the all so stylish Hotel Gerl had to offer.


Time Off...how many of us can actually say that they take some time off once in a while in order to refuel and relax? I for one, have to admit that taking a break from everything is especially hard for me, because I absolutely love what I do. That´s why I tried to add a twist in the form of reinventing myself to some extent. You might ask yourself what that actually means because it obviously sounds quite far fetched. If you ask me, reinventing yourself means progress and evolution. The process of discovering what it is that you truly want to do and finding new aspects that you didn't think of before - regardless of your current situation.


I´ve stayed at a lot of hotels so far but I dare say that the Hotel Gerl is among my top 5 so far - the perfect spot for reinventing yourself if you ever happen to be in Salzburg in the need of a place to stay.