Starring Milla Jovovich: The night that flows

The most fascinating experience in London

So it´s time to share this experience with you. As you might remember I visited London at the beginning of February, and if you followed me on my various social channels, then you have already gotten a glimpse of that night...and let me tell you, I have never seen anything like it. But see for yourself:


The Night That Flows with Milla Jovovich

One down from my bucket list: Starring in a movie with Milla Jovovich! FULL BLOG POST:

Posted by Way Of Jay on Mittwoch, 15. März 2017


That night in London was all about finding the perfect flow. Milla Jovovich, known through a variety of movies serves as the official testimonial of Toyota´s new C-HR, incase you missed my earlier Post about the collaboration of TrueYou and Toyota click here.

While I have visited a bunch of events throughout my various travels, I dare say that that night really hits the top 3 - that my friends is how you successfully do Storytelling as a brand. What they did was quite astonishing to say the least: gather a bunch of international renown Journalists and let them starr in a movie with a Hollywood star - all while staying immersed in the experience.

Finally I´d like to highlight that this is one down from my bucket list:

  • Starring in a movie with a Hollywood Star - Check

On to the next one!

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