A tribute to my favourite movie villain of all time

Männer Mode Blog Österreich / Austria. Mantel / Coat Outfit Style . Modetrend

I´m looking back on another very eventful week, so I have decided to kick off this post by saying thank you to you all. Thank you for always supporting me and helping me to achieve new heights - I´m happy to be walking this road together with you.

Männer Mode Blog Österreich / Austria. Mantel / Coat Outfit Style . Modetrend
With things such as successfully hosting our FOLLOW Event last week, winning the Blogger Award and travelling to Tokyo in order to shoot our S/S 17 TrueYou Campaign these past days have been quite busy.
But enough of that, let´s get to the essence of this post: people who know me, know that I´m a huge Batman fan, so I´d like to use this outfit in order to tribute my favourite Batman villain ever - Bane, aka the necessary evil.
Männer Mode Blog Österreich / Austria. Mantel / Coat Outfit Style . Modetrend
Incase you´re wondering what I´m talking about, be sure to check out Christopher Nolan´s "The Dark Knight rises" - a true masterpiece, in it´s very own regard.
What does Bane have to do with this outfit you may ask? Well, don´t ask me why but this Coat always reminds me of that badass Coat that Bane, who has been portrayed by Tom Hardy (one of my favourite actors to boot), wore throughout the film - get the connection?
Männer Mode Blog Österreich / Austria. Mantel / Coat Outfit Style . Modetrend
While being a couple of years old the movie deals with a lot of issues that we still find in today´s society. But enough of that, incase you haven´t seen it yet - go ahead and watch it. And to quote one of my favourite sayings from the movie I´d like to remind you not to forget the following:

Why do we fall? We fall so that we can learn to pick ourselves up again.

Pictures by Samir Novotny / Constant Evolution


Shearling Coat - Asos

Shirt - Diesel

Shoes - Dr Martens via Zalando

Beanie - Champion via Urban Outfitters

Shades - Fossil 

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