Music is life. I´ve said it before and I will say it again. Who else if not Sennheiser, a pioneer in everything regarding audio, would be more fitting to embark on a journey to discover the future of audio.


I´m going to keep this post short, because the video explains it all. The idea was simple: gather a group of select individuals, mainly consisting of journalists and show them what the future of audio looks like.


Together with Sennheiser we journeyed to their headquarter located in Hannover, which literally felt like travelling through time. From Hannover we took of to Berlin to attend this year´s IFA (Tech-Lovers will know how amazing that was).


After my trip I have been asked what the future of audio actually does look like and I have to admit it´s quite hard to explain, if you haven´t eperienced Sennheisers latest AMBEO 3D Audio technology. You will see soon enough, just trust me when I tell you this: it´s revuolutionary.

Production by Constant Evolution

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