"What the world needs most is dreamers who do." 

This quote perfectly fits the beginning of this post as I´m writing this one, and it turns out to be the most personal blog post I have written so far. Some of you might not know this, but I own my own fashion label called  "TrueYou" - It´s unbelievable that our show was totally sold out and the most visited the second year in a row...I´m at a loss for words, absolutely speechless, nothing but love and thanks for everybody that supports us and accompanies us on our way.


Where should I begin? It all started 3 years ago, out of what we call classic boredom. The idea was simple: create something that doesen´t exist yet. Something that doesen´t fit into viennese stereotypes. Simply speaking, we wanted to express ourselves. TrueYou was born. While it started off as a simple project, it quickly became so much more. Three years full of exciting events, projects and lots of friendships helped shape this brand into what it is today: TrueYou is a fashion label. TrueYou is a brand. TrueYou is a lifestyle.


Heading into our second year at MQ Vienna Fashion Week, with our show scheduled for September 16th the pressure was huge: we wanted to surpass last year´s performance, where we celebrated our debut with a sold out show, which turned out to be the most visited of the entire Fashion Week. So yeah, to people who know us this will come as no surprise, but we wanted more than that.


A lot of energy, determination and focus was necessary in order to reach our goal. We basically spent the entire summer, planning, working and figuring out, how to get things done. Luckily our community never ceases to amaze even us, it´s truly unbelievable how many people support us and identify themselves with our vision, of being a brand that´s truly different and true to whatever it is that one wants to express.


I want to use this moment to highlight my outstanding team, without whom this magnificent journey and experience would not have been possible. You can imagine our surprised looks, when we saw the massive amount of people trying to enter our show, and the process of getting all of them seated - which caused us to delay quite a bit.


With this year´s collection we tried to take things to the next level. While still staying true to our roots, we added something entirely new, which we tried to convey through the show and the sound (which we had produced solely for the show). Big shoutout to my guys from 9 to Five and our producer Doc!


So yeah, this post already turned out to be a lot longer that it should have been, I´m gonna let the last picture speak for itself. Only 2 words remain: Thank You.

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