"Family First" - That ́s what came to my mind upon writing this blog post. But then I figured, friendship works just as fine. No, but seriously, those of you who follow me around on my other channels know that the guy on the pictures is not only a great inspiration to everything regarding fashion but also one of my closest friends. So when I say family first - I actually mean it.


How many people can say that they can travel, work and have fun with their closest friends all at the same time? Probably not too many and if you can, consider yourself lucky. True friends are as valuable as it gets and if you invest enough time, commitment, and loyalty into a friendship it can truly last for the ages.

Me and my mate Johnny from Newkissontheblog teamed up with Johnnie Walker and their award winning Whisky Blue Label. Needless to say we had a blast doing so. And even though we both most definitely enjoy streetwear, we absolutely know when it’s time to switch into that modern gentleman attire.


I have to admit, that when it comes to Whisky I ́m not the greatest of experts. However, when it comes to taste, I definitely know what’s what and I can tell you: quality really does taste different. Blue Label serves as a time machine, taking you back to 1867, when Johnnie Walker’s son created the legendary "Old Highland Whisky". Blue Label is but a tribute to that - an experience combining the old and the new, classy yet modern at the same time. You could even go as far as calling it “the perfect gift to give to a friend." So let’s cheers to that – let’s cheers to friendship & the process of making people you hold dear happy.


For all you Whisky lovers out there: If you´ve gained a taste for it you can experience Johnnie Walker ́s Blue Label following the link down below.

In collaboration with Johnnie Walker

Production by Constant Evolution