Berlin...oh how I love Berlin. No matter how many times I visit the city, I always end up discovering new aspects of it. A little more than a week ago, I flew to Berlin for a short trip - here´s why:

As some of you might have already seen I´m the newest member of the COVER PR (a huge step) Family and to kick off the beginning of our collaboration I spontaneously took part in their Male Influencer Campaign.

Ilja Jay | Way Of Jay Berlin

Even though my stay was short as I didn´t have a lot of time with MQ Vienna Fashion Week coming up and all it was extremely productive. The schedule was tight but exciting and I can´t wait to show you all of the results from our labour. For this series, located at Bikini Berlin, the roof top Bar of the 25 Hours Hotel & / Neni to be precise, I teamed up with Larsson & Jennings.

Ilja Jay | Way Of Jay Berlin

The Anglo-Swedish Brand combines British dress watch aesthetics with Swedish minimalistic designs. If you´re looking for contemporary, swiss made watches be sure to check out their online store - you might just find what you´re looking for.

Ilja Jay | Way Of Jay Berlin

In collaboration with Larsson & Jennings

Production by Constant Evolution

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