What happens when a label that has started out as an underdog in Austria enters a collaboration with the worlds largest car manufacturer? We could call it a Story of Re-Invention. See for yourself:


Was als zerschnittenes T-Shirt in einem Keller in Wien begann ist heute ein unfassbarer Traum geworden. Die Entwicklung - die Reise - von TrueYou wäre ohne euch nicht möglich gewesen! Für all jene, die unsere gemeinsame Geschichte als Movement und als Anreiz dafür sehen ihre eigene Journey zu beginnen haben wir dieses Projekt gemeinsam mit Toyota Österreich realisiert: A STORY OF RE-INVENTIONwww.chrty.at#CHRTY #ToyotaCHR #suvcrossover #CHR #TrueYouCHR

Posted by TrueYou on Dienstag, 3. Januar 2017


TrueYou - our label which has been founded in Vienna, Austria a little more than 3 years ago has now stepped up it´s game by embracing a journey which some might call revolutionary considering what local fashion labels usually do. Who are you meant to be? In a fast paced world, where everybody is searching for meaning and purpose it is up to you to define your own destiny.


When Toyota Austria approached us with their upcoming new product, the C-HR to precise, which is considered as a game changer by many, we definitely saw some similarities between our brand TrueYou and the car´s philosophy:

  • Following our own Flow
  • The desire to stand out
  • And the Boldness to stick to our beliefs.

So let´s talk some hard facts shall we? The C-HR comes as a Hybrid with emphasis on design, aesthetic and style - something that we all can relate to, right? While I have to tell you that I am quite picky when it comes to design, I have to admit that I am certainly fond of the C-HR - well, I have also spent my fair share of time driving that bad boy - you don´t want to know how much effort producing that movie was.


Personally I am very proud of the fact that a company as big as Toyota has decided that our label and the philosophy that we stand for, serves as the perfect fit for what is perceived as their way of telling the world: we´re not just here to take part -  we´re here to take over.


"Alone we are just a spark. 

Together we are a firestorm - ready to set the world ablaze.

Together we represent a label. 

Together we portray a lifestyle. 

Together we embrace a journey. 

Together...we are TrueYou." 

A story of re-invention by TrueYou

In collaboration with Toyota Austria

More Infos: www.chrty.at

Photos by Samir Novotny

#CHRTY #ToyotaCHR #suvcrossover #CHR #TrueYouCHR

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